This Texas born actor didn’t start out being “That guy from that commercial!” He started off with a successful career in Sports Medicine as an athletic trainer who worked with Colorado State University Athletics (Go Rams!) and HEALTHSOUTH. He was also part of a great team that took care of all the athletes on the National Rodeo circuit. He was then awarded a prestigious Sports Medicine Fellowship to work at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where he had the awesome opportunity to travel the world including to Russia and Finland with USA Wrestling and USA Volleyball to cover the World Championship Games in ‘96 & ‘97.

Enjoying medicine, he went on to become a Physician Assistant who had rotations that included everything from delivering babies to doing house calls in rural Georgia (There are some good stories there…) But, he went onto specialize in Orthopedic (Pediatric) surgery in Tallahassee, FL. While replacing a hip one day in 2002, he realized the natural transition was to give it all up and pursue the life of an actor in Miami and then move onto Los Angeles.

Things didn’t go too badly! He’s appeared in over 75 National commercials—airing both nationally and internationally and has been seen in numerous web series and TV shows including: “Ray Donovan," “CSI:Miami,” and Lifetime Television’s critically acclaimed “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”

In commercials, he’s appeared as a Stuntman, an Astronaut, a “Booty Dancer,” and in a full body cast. His co-stars have included the Aflac duck, two Nascar legends and a dog who ate lasagna—off his plate.

When not working as an actor, he can be found working along side his multi-talented wife, Sue Nelson, running a successful infomercial company---Super People, Inc. They are proud parents to their favorite project so far, a 4 year old little girl named Georgie Grace.

An avid traveler, Todd has lived in Alaska, Outer Banks of NC, run with the bulls in Spain, bailed his brother out jail in Italy, swam with wild penguins in South Africa and sought medical help for a monkey bite in St. Kitt’s. When at home, he likes to cuddle with his two cats and his yellow lab, Kayla.