2015: Ad Agency Successes, Tears, Fears, Fumbles And My Agency Of The Year. By Michael Lee , Contributor

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“…And produced one of the stand out pieces of creative thinking with the ‘Unskipabble’ online campaign for GEICO which won in a bucket load of awards from all around the world. And gained ridiculous 17m views on YouTube for some of the films. But this is my favorite.”

What’s Your Favourite Ad Of 2015? We Asked Some People… by David Waterhouse

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Tim Nudd_Unskippable

2015 Unruly

Tim Nudd – Creative Editor, AdWeek  Geico “Unskippable Family”                                                                                                               “The Martin Agency brilliantly hacked the lowly pre-roll ad by stuffing the pitch into the first few seconds before the skip button appeared, then letting the cameras roll as the actors pretended to be frozen. Simple, clever, innovative – and pretty damn funny.”


Richard Kosinski, President, US, Unruly  Geico “Unskippable Family”                                                                                                       “Geico nailed it.  They went beyond audience to consider format.  I found the ads strangely compelling, and found myself watching them for atleast 20-seconds to see if the dog would flinch!”  One of my top ten of all time!”


Dr Karen Nelson-Field – Director and Associate Professor, Centre for Digital Video Intelligence   Geico “Unskippable Family”            “For me the ‘best’ ad has to be one that is Highly Arousing and ticks the ‘Well Branded’ box. For me it’s only when both of these criteria are met that an ad is truly functional and does the best job for the advertiser. I can’t go past GEICO “Unskippable – Family”. Hilarious, tick, GEICO branded upfront, tick, keeps you watching for longer, tick.”


David Waterhouse – Global Head of Content and PR – Unruly  Geico “Unskippable Family”
“There are not many ads that have made me almost choke on my morning cup of tea because I cannot stop laughing, but this ad managed it. Funny, innovative and surprising – a real gem.”

The Year in Creative: 24 Trends That Drove Some of the Best Advertising in 2015

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Global: The Most Creative Ads of 2015

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Top creatives name their picks for 2015’s most creative ad

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