**THE NEW CELEBRITY APPRENTICE COMMERCIAL with Housewives Kyle Richards and Porsha Williams**

**#1 AD of 2015!! & 2016 Campaign of the Year - AdAge WINNER OF 2 GOLD CLIOS, GRAND PRIX FILM AT CANNES LIONS! Plus, it won a bucket load of awards from all around the world! UNSKIPPABLE FAMILY - You can't skip this GEICO ad, because it's already over.**

**T-REX Destroys My House - But Mercury Covers it!**

**Internet Security...Using one word!**

**U.S. Cellular Holiday Commercial**

**Overstock.com w/ BRET MICHAEL - Out Takes!!!**


**WOW! Classic Car Salesman and Captain Charles!**

**#1 AD of 2015 in the UK!! AWARD WINNING!! Dave’s infectious epicness has got everyone doing the #EpicStrut – even Mervyn and Clive are shaking it and feeling epic. Look at Merv go!!!
**Aflac Duck delivering money to my mailbox, so I can pay my bills on time and still watch the game!


**Geico Unskippable Family - Outtakes!


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